Photo Restoration - Fixing up an old photograph taken in Barbados

Glenn Saul's Restored Photo
This photo restoration was performed for Glenn Saul, one of our customers from Staten Island, New York City. This old photograph was taken in Barbados and depicts a family friend as a young man. The actual photograph we scanned in was sized at 5″x7″ and was in a worn, stained, and faded condition — as you can see on the left. After creating a high resolution digital image from the hard copy, we digitally restored the worn image and brought out some features that were faded in the original. The ship you see on the right showed very little detail on the original photograph. We adjusted the photo so that it would be visible in the new versions. We provided Mr. Saul with both a black and white version of the photo and a color tinted version in sepia. Black Paw Photo performs photo retouching and photo restoration projects for clients all over the NY, NJ, and CT areas as well as for clients around the United States! There is no job too small or too big, and we work hard to make sure our customers are satisfied.

Photo Retouching and Background Change - Breathing some life into a flat Cat photo!

Photo Retouching Before and After Shot
Photo Retouching work performed for Rebecca Elias from Staten Island, New York. Rebecca needed her cat photo fixed up for display on her website: http://www.briansbuddies.c​om/

This photo retouching job involved breathing some life and color into a very dull and flat looking cat photo. In addition to adjusting the colors and contrast, we brought out the cat’s eyes, removed background objects, and changed the background color. Rebecca was very happy with the results!

Black Paw Photo can handle any type of photo retouching project you have in mind! We can remove backgrounds, people, objects, and we’ll make all the colors look lively and bright.

Photo Restoration - Fixing up an old worn and torn photo from the 1970's

Photo Restoration Sample
Photo Restoration work performed for Johanna Bibbins, a customer from Staten Island, NYC. This was the last remaining photo of her husband as a child. It was a passport sized photo in really bad shape, as you can see on the left. We scanned the photo into our computer as a high resolution file, and digitally restored the damaged image. We provided Johanna with several different styles of color choices for the image, and now she will be able to make prints anytime she wants! Black Paw Photo can handle all of your photo retouching and photo restoration projects!