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Google Business View Virtual Tour – Wicked The Musical – NYC

Black Paw Photo provides Google Business View in the New York City region and we’re based out of Staten Island, NY.

Take your Google+ Local Business listing (formerly Google Places) to the next level with Google Business View! This new service brings your Google Business listing to life with a 360-degree interactive virtual tour. Now your business can engage customers with an immersive 3-dimensional experience — they can walk around, explore, and interact with your business in a way only Google Business View can provide. It’s like Google street view for the inside of your business!

Your 360-degree panoramic images will appear on Google Search results, Google maps, and Google+ Local for Business. You may also easily embed these beautiful images on your own website and social media pages in the same way you’d embed a YouTube video. Google Business View will help your business stand out in Google search results, they will enhance your Google+ Local page, and customers will also be able to go right from viewing your business on Google Maps to taking a walk around inside. Over 90% of all internet searches are conducted on Google, and this new service makes a strong impression on first time customers that find your business via Google Search. Business Photos from Google is the best new product available to improve your Search Engine Marketing!

If you’re interested in Google Business View for your business, please feel free to contact Anthony at (917)574-7292 or Email Us for a Quote!.

See this Video for Nice Overview of How it All Works!

More About Google Business View:

What’s Included with the Service:

  • A Virtual Tour of your Business with 360 Degree Panoramic Photos which provide a walk through experience for your customers. The virtual tour will be added to your Google+ Local page (formerly Google Places) and be visible in Google Search results, on your Google+ Local page, and on Google Maps.
  • Once your virtual tour is complete you will be able to embed it on your own Website!
  • 10 to 15 Point of Interest Photos that will be added to your Google+ Local Page and also show up in Google search results and Google maps (see below for details).
  • A copy of all your images burned onto a CD in Full Resolution. You own all Commercial Rights to these images!

In addition to the Virtual Tour, Google Business View also includes the following professional still photos:

  • Storefront (a nice wide angle view of your storefront)
  • Close-up of your Business name (your sign or a printed business logo)
  • Business Address
  • Hours of operation sign
  • Wide angle shot from a doorway looking into the business
  • Wide angle shot from the back of the business looking toward the main entrance
  • Close-up of your Business card
  • Close-ups of your menu (all pages!)
  • The type of payments you take
  • Endorsements / Awards (optional)
  • Artifacts (sculptures, portraits, paintings, unusual design features, etc.)
  • Attractive features (prepared food/drinks, merchandise, table settings in restaurants, and/or business decor, etc.)

Benefits of Google Business View & how they help your Business!

  • Brings your Google Business listing to life with a 360-degree, interactive Virtual Tour
  • Provides you with Professional Point of Interest photographs of your business
  • Enhances your Google+ Local listing (formerly Google Places), Google Search results, and the way your Business appears on Google Maps
  • Helps your listing stand out in search results with NEW graphics and images that encourage customers to take a virtual tour
  • You can easily embed the virtual tour and images on your website and social media to give customers an interactive look inside your business location

Requirements to Schedule a Photo Session

  • You must have a Google+ Local Page (formerly Google Places). If you do not, you can set one up here for free:
  • If you already had a Places Page, it should have automatically been migrated to the new Google+ Local format.

Pricing Information

I am happy to provide you a very quick quote for your Google Business Photo service. Just to give you an idea, photo sessions are reasonably priced starting at just $350. Additional travel fees may apply for businesses located outside the NYC Metropolitan area. Contact Anthony today for a quote!

The information I need to provide you with a price quote is the following: Square footage, a rough floor plan, and the number of rooms/floors you have. For the best accuracy you may email me a few photos of your business which show the overall size and layout. Mobile phone photos are just fine!

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PC World – Feb 8, 2012: If you want potential customers to get a 360-degree, panoramic view of your brick-and-mortar business when they click on any of your listings in Google, its new Business Photos campaign makes its listings for business more interactive.
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Small Business Trends – Jan 31, 2012: Google just made the whole program self-service. So if you do want a professional photographer to come take photos of your business, here’s your chance!
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Everspark Interactive – Jan 30, 2012: These aren’t just your average photos – they’re images that can be turned 360 degrees so that a potential customer can really get a feel for your establishment. Especially if you are a restaurant owner, these photos can have a significant impact on your listing…
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PC Mag – Jan 27, 2012: Now Google is making it easier for even more business owners to have 360-degree images of their companies included in this service with the launch of a “trusted photographers” program.
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Web Pro News – Jan 27, 2012: If you’re a small business owner looking for a creative way to attract potential customers inside your store, Google wants you to think outside of the box: let them visit your store without even traveling to your store.
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Simply Zesty – Jan 27, 2012: The service gives you the opportunity to select a photographer if there’s one available in your city, and arrange with them directly to schedule a photo shoot. Once that’s arranged, the photographer will arrive to take a 360 panoramic photo of your outlet to give visitors an idea as to what to expect if they arrive.
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Search Engine Land – Jan 26, 2012: Local businesses that are interested in having interior photos taken can use the new Business Photos website to find a “Trusted Photographer.”
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