Event Photography - Jones Beach Airshow - Iron Eagle Aerobatic Team - 2011

Jones Beach Airshow, 28 May 2011. These are images of the Iron Eagle aerobatic team performing various death defying aerobatic flight maneuvers over the water during the 2011 Bethpage Federal Credit Union Air Show at Jones Beach State Park presented by Newsday . These guys are great pilots, and they must be a little crazy too!

The Iron Eagle Aerobatic Team is one of the most exciting team flying the circuit today.

Pilots Bill Segalla and Bill Gordon perform aerobatic routines in custom-built aircraft for crowds of thousands. After three years of work, these men transformed two place sport-aerobatic aircraft into single-seat Super Christen Eagle I Biplanes. The men replaced the front seats with 30-gallon aerobatic fuel tanks and 25-gallon auxiliary containers to extend range and flying time. With these changes, the cruising speed of these custom aircraft at 50% power is 200 mph. Only four of these planes are flying in the country today.”

Bill Gordon is lead pilot in the #1 aircraft is from Copake, NY. He joined the Northeast air-shows in the Spring of 1993. He originally started out in competition flying for which he was trained extensively by Mudry Aviation in New York. After many thousands of hours of practicing with his wing-man he has grown to be one of the industry’s top formation pilots. Bill has done all of the modification to his and his partners aircraft over the years, and is very meticulous and is a true craftsman. Bill is an A and P mechanic and IA. When not flying air-shows he spends time with his 2 kids.

Billy Segalla, wing-pilot, flying the #2 aircraft is from Canaan, CT. He has been flying air-shows since 1976 at the age of 16. His training began in 1965 flying from the Rhinebeck Aerodrome in NY State with his father Stanley Segalla the renowned “Flying Farmer”. Billy started up a company in 1976 with 2 other people with the name “Northeast Air-shows”. They flew a 3 plane formation routine all over the Northeast for 10 years. Billy then joined up with Bill Gordon to form the Iron Eagle Aerobatic Team. Billy has accumulated more than 11,000 hours of flight time and has flown over 1,000 shows to date. Billy is married to Tammie and they have two children that work in the family construction business.

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