Live Music Photography - Heth and Jed - Staten Island Ferry terminal - New York City

May 21, 2011 – Heth and Jed playing their End of the World gig at the Staten Island Ferry terminal on the Staten Island Side! They played their hearts out for huge crowds of people waiting for the ferry. It was also a great day to play because the event “Art by the Ferry” was kicking off today on Staten Island. Heth and Jed fit right in and provided us with some unexpected and great music. Thanks Heth and Jed!

If you’re unfamiliar with Heth and Jed, here’s a quick rundown from their bio: Since leaving Los Angeles, brothers Heth and Jed have turned on millions to their unique ambient sound as they transform public spaces into concert halls, using live looping and an array of effects to explore sonic textures never before heard on the streets and subways of New York City. Heth and Jed are true Buskers!

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Heth and Jed is:
Jed Weinstein – Guitar, Synth, and Vocals
Heth Weinstein – Bass, Synth, and Vocals