Video Production – Commercials, Promo’s, and Music Videos

Commercials and Promotional Videos

We provide businesses with complete video production services, from idea development to the final product.

Black Paw Photo can work with you to take the message you want to deliver and turn it into a high quality video that you can use to represent your product or service.  We film everything in 1080p or 720p high definition format, and our final product can easily be embedded on your website or burned onto a DVD for playback on TV sets.

If you already know exactly what you want for your video, we can make it happen!  If you only have a basic idea of the message you want to deliver, we will work with you to develop it into a final product that makes sense for your business.  We can handle every aspect of video production; from writing a script and choosing locations, to creating motion graphics, logos, and special effects.

We are creative by nature and hold degrees in Media/Communications, Public Relations, and Marketing.  When we start a project, we always do research to learn as much about your business as possible.  By putting ourselves in your shoes we are able to use what we learn to understand your business.  We keep marketing and your brand image in mind at all times, which allows us create a product that gives you the best return for your investment.


Pricing for Commercials and Promo videos start at $750

Our latest promotional video can be seen here: FitNox NYC – Personal Training

Music Videos

At Black Paw Photo we’re not just videographers, we’re music lovers!  We appreciate the hard work and dedication it takes to play original music.  When we create your video, we’ll put the same energy into our work as you put into your music.   We work hard to help you put forward the look, style, and feel you want to convey to your audience.  We can also help you define your look by capturing you in a way that truthfully reflects your art, style, and philosophy.  During a video shoot, we use up to 3 cameras simultaneously to capture different angles.

We always work as a two person team, and having two distinct artistic styles, we use our diverse perspectives develop and define the final production.  Whether you want your video to be a live performance shoot or if you want to tell a story by filming different scenes — we can handle it!  If you only have a partial idea that you want to develop, we can help you with that as wekk. When you work with us, we Guarantee you’ll have a good time and be happy with the results!

Sound Recording:  We provide sound recording for solo artists at an additional charge.  We are equipped to record up to three sources simultaneously into a Digital Audio Workstation using Ableton Live Software.  We can handle 1-2 instruments directly plugged into our mixer via 1/4″ TRS plugins (such as a guitar or bass), any type of instrument that with line level outputs (such as a keyboard or MPC), and up to two XLR mic inputs.

Digital post-production is an important part of every job. For each project we spend several hours transforming the raw digital footage from the camera by carefully adjusting the colors, cuts, and special effects.


Pricing for music videos starts at an affordable $750

An example of an entry level video at this starting rate can be seen here:  Enrico Arcaro: Slave Pen

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