Bethpage Federal Credit Union Air Show - Jones Beach - 2011

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Jones Beach Airshow, 28 May 2011. These are images of the many performers taking part in stunts and flight maneuvers over the water during the Bethpage Federal Credit Union Air Show at Jones Beach State Park. Featured performers at the air show included the Navy F-18 Super Hornet, the USAF A-10 East Demo Team, the US Army Golden Knights, Sean D. Tucker, Iron Eagle Aviation, and the Geico Skytypers. The 2011 Bethpage Federal Credit Union Jones Beach Air Show was a big hit with the audience.

Aviation photography is always interesting, and because we have an aviation background here at Black Paw Photo, we can really appreciate the skill of the performers in this airshow. With a crowd of 273,000 spectators over the weekend, we weren’t the only ones enjoying the airshow! The 2011 Bethpage Federal Credit Union New York Air Show was filled with excitement, excellent performers, and was a lot of fun to watch. The Airshow at Jones Beach is an annual event, so if you missed this year’s show be sure to catch the next one!

The Performers:

US Army Golden Knights: Golden Knights

CAF B-29 Bomber: CAF B-29 Rides

American Airpower Museum Warbirds: American Airpower Museum

Sean D. Tucker Aerobatics: Oracle Flight Team – Sean D. Tucker

Mike Goulian Aerosports: Mike Goulian

The Geico Skytypers: Geico Skytypers

Dave Windmiller: Dave Windmiller

John Klatt Airshows: John Klatt

Wounded Warrior Flight Team: Wounded Warrior Aviation

Iron Eagle Aerobatic Team: Iron Eagle