Marriage Proposal Photos - Michael & Elizabeth at the Wollman Rink - NYC

This Central Park marriage proposal took place at the Wollman Rink on an extremely crowded day. Michael’s proposal to Elizabeth was done amidst a huge amount of people just before New Year’s eve 2011. Although it was a crowded day and tough for both the man doing the proposing and us photographers, we all managed to pull it off. It was truly an honor to be part of this big day in the lives of Michael and Elizabeth, and we left them with some great photos of their wonderful engagement. We all had a really good time. Congratulations to Michael and Elizabeth!

Helen and Dave - Couples Photos in Brooklyn Bridge Park - NYC

These photos were taken in Dumbo, Brooklyn at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Helen and David, the lovely couple pictured, hired us to take some photos of them just because they didn’t really have any good ones in all their time together. It was a fun shoot and they were a pleasure to work with! Both Brooklyn Bridge Park and Fulton Ferry State Park are just great places in New York City to take outdoor family portraits. At Black Paw Photo, we really enjoy doing our sessions outdoors because of the variety of beautiful images we’re able to capture with all the different natural backdrops available. For another sample of outdoor portrait shots, also see a set we took in Fulton Ferry State Park. If you are a New York City couple looking for some great photos together – contact us here at!