How to make Fresh Egg Nog - Short Video

A short video about how to make Fresh Egg Nog. Egg Nog is great for the holidays, but you can enjoy a fresh glass of it any time the mood hits with this simple recipe. We were so thrilled with the results of this Egg Nog recipe that we had to share it with everyone!

So grab your favorite Rum or Whiskey and enjoy some fresh Egg Nog.

Google Business View Screencast Tutorial Video

This video was created to outline all the functions and benefits of the newly re-launched Google Business View Program. The emphasis is on how the new program can be used to better Market Businesses on Google Products. It is designed to give a business owner who has never heard of Google Business View a complete overview of all the items included in the service, and point out all the new features Business Photos adds to Google Search results, Google Maps, and the business owner’s Google Places Page. Lastly, the video shows business owners how they can embed the new virtual tour feature of Google Business View on their own website.

If you’ve been following us here at Black Paw Photo, then you have probably seen the news that both of us have been Certified as Google Trusted Photographers for the New York and New Jersey areas. We’ve both completed Google’s rigorous training program, and we are ready to provide small businesses in NY/NJ with this extremely valuable new service from Google. You can see all the details of Google Business View premium service on our page here:

If you have any questions about Google Business View – please Contact Us!

NYC Wedding Video - Leylla and Levi

This is a short video capturing the essence of Leylla and Levi’s Wedding at City Hall in New York City on 29 December, 2011. We chose some clips we thought showed just how cute these two were on their wedding day. Also included is the entire city hall ceremony, which was fairly brief and also entertaining. If you’re going to get married in NYC’s City Hall, this is certainly the way to do it. A few close friends, plenty of laughs and fun while everyone waited, and an extremely spirited announcer! This was a warm and lovely event, and Leylla and Levi love their wedding video! Congratulations to Leylla and Levi!