Candid Marriage Proposals

Candid Marriage Proposal Photo Session – $450

Let us capture this once in a lifetime experience in a way no one else can!

During your marriage proposal we stay out of sight to capture the natural reactions of your loved one.  We will take photos of the two of you en route to your planned proposal destination, and then capture the proposal itself.  Afterwards, we give you the option of posing together for a few photos that will celebrate the occasion.

We always work together as a 2 person photography team so you’ll get excellent coverage.  You choose the place, and we’ll be there to capture the moment!

Your Candid Marriage Proposal session includes the following:

  • Two Photographers for the price of one!
  • Candid Photography before and during your marriage proposal. (1 hour of actual photo time, not including preparation)
  • Posed shots after he or she says YES!
  • 10-15 High Resolution photos burned onto a CD
  • All photos are fully post processed with retouching, color, and contrast adjustments
  • Online gallery you can share with friends and family, including optional print ordering

See samples of our Candid Marriage Proposals here: New York City Marriage Proposal Photos

About the Process: So, you’re probably wondering how it takes us a whole hour to get only 10-15 final photographs. Do we just show up, take 15 pictures in 10 minutes, then hang out for the remaining 50? NO. For a typical marriage proposal shoot, we take some of the photos in a candid manner and the remaining photos with the couple looking at the camera together. For a shoot like this we’ll end up taking anywhere from 100-150 photos. Why so many? Well…people blink, they make funny faces, things get in the way in a candid situation, etc… We then narrow down the photos to the best 20 to 30, and we provide you with an initial proofing gallery from which you can choose your favorite 15 photographs. Depending on how difficult the lighting and shooting situation is, in a worst case scenario, we may only end up with 10 to 15 good images. Finally, we will apply our artistic post processing magic to the photos to adjust them for color, contrast, cropping and blemishes. This is when we also create your Black and White or Sepia images if you elected for us to do so. We will deliver to you these wonderfully gorgeous, beautifully processed images to download online in full resolution and burned on a CD if you’d like.

?What if we end up with more than 15 good photos and you’d like to choose more? Easy — Should you wish to have more than the 15 photographs included in this package the fee is $35 per additional image, or $300 for an additional package of 10 images. Why do we charge this extra fee? Because it takes us extra time and work to process additional photos!

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