Music Photography

Rock ‘N Roll!

We are music fans!  We love all different types of music and enjoy photographing musicians during their performances.

We have two different photography packages just for musicians at a price point that’s very reasonable.  The first package is geared toward live concert photography, and the second is designed to provide photos for album covers, posters, websites, and other promotional materials.

When we photograph musicians, we do our homework first.  We will listen to your music, visit your website and social network pages, and get an overall feel for what you are all about.  Our job is to make you look good, and to help you put forward the image you want your fans to see.  You may know exactly what you want when you contact us, or you may need some creative input to help define the type of photos you need.  Whatever the case, we are ready to handle the job!

All Music Photography sessions include the following:

  • Two Photographers for the price of one!
  • One full hour of photography (actual photo time, not including prep time)
  • All photos are fully post processed with retouching, color, and contrast adjustments
  • Online gallery you can share with friends, managers, and agents – including optional print ordering

Live Concert Photo Session – $450

  • 2 Photographers capturing multiple angles during your entire set
  • 10-15 High Resolution photos burned onto a CD

Band Photo Session – $400

  • Up to 3 locations throughout the photo session
  • 2 Photographers capturing multiple angles during the session
  • 10-15 High Resolution photos burned onto a CD

See our latest Live Music photo session here: Company of Thieves – Bowery Ballroom – New York City

About the Process: So, you’re probably wondering how it takes us a whole hour to get only 10-15 final photographs. Do we just show up, take 15 pictures in 9 minutes, then rock out and get drunk for the remaining 51 minutes of your gig? NO, we’d like to – but we don’t. For a typical music photo shoot, we spend the entire hour taking photos of your awesome band. For live music photography we’ll end up taking anywhere from 100-150 photos. Why so many? Well…lighting changes, guitarists run across the stage and block the drummer, singers jump up and down, and bass players hog the limelight…you understand. We then narrow down the photos to the best 20 to 30 and we provide you with an initial proofing gallery from which you can choose your favorite 15 photographs. Depending on how difficult the stage lighting, the subjects, and the shooting situation is — in a worst case scenario, we may only end up with 10 to 15 good images. Lastly, we will apply our super magical, artistic post processing techniques to the photos you choose in order to adjust them for color, contrast, cropping and blemishes. This is when we also create Black and White or Sepia images if that’s your preference. We will deliver these images — all edited to make you look 10 times cooler than you already are — beautifully processed and finished. You can download them online in full resolution and/or have us burn them to a CD and mail them to you. We see each image as a work of art, and the reason we do music photography is because we love music. Anthony even thinks he can play the guitar.

?What if we end up with more than 15 good photos and you’d like to choose more? Easy — Should you wish to have more than the 15 photographs included in this package the fee is $25 per additional image, or $200 for an additional package of 10 images. Why do we charge this extra fee? Because it takes us extra time and work to process additional photos!

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