The Google Trusted Photographer Program in NYC, Long Island, and New Jersey

Black Paw Photo has some exciting NEW news!  We are now a Google Trusted Photographer covering New York City and surrounding areas!

Google just launched their Business Photos Pilot Program. This new program gives local businesses the opportunity to have panoramic 360 degree photos (a virtual tour) and high quality point of interest photographs taken for their locations. Images include the storefronts and interiors of their businesses and allow customers to walk around inside for an interactive 3D experience. All images will be included in Google products and services such as Google Places, Google Search/Image Search and also on Google Maps. Google has certified a selected core of “Trusted Photographers” who offer these specialized photography services to local businesses who are interested in being a part of the Business Photos Program. You may email or call a NY – NJ Google Trusted Photographer in your area to schedule a beautiful photo shoot for your business.  For more details about the program, see our NY- NJ Google Business View Page.

What is a Trusted Photographer?

A Google Trusted Photographer is on that has been certified by Google after passing their training program and being certified as a trusted photographer.  Black Paw Photo is proud to say we have passed and we’re happy to be in the program as your NYC Google Trusted Photographer!

Contact your local Google trusted photographer today!

If you’re a small business owner with a Google Places listing and you are located in New York City, Long Island, or New Jersey – please feel free to contact us today!

How can I get panoramic images for my business?

The only requirement to participate in the Google Business View program is having a Google Places Page set up for your business.  If you already have one the next step is to contact your local Google Trusted Photographer.  If you do not have a Google Places Page, its no sweat — just set one up here: Google Places — It’s free and easy!  After we complete your business photo session you will be able to views your images on Google (Search results), Google Maps, and on your Google Places listing.  You’ll also be able to embed your new virtual tour on your own website and social media pages.

Below is a virtual tour we completed for Hamilton Honda, an automobile dealer in Hamilton Township, New Jersey.