Video - How to Make Cloved Oranges

We were in the video making mood this holiday season and so we chose to kick back with some freshly made eggnog and shoot/edit this short video clip. This video teaches you the simple steps needed to make some great smelling holiday decorations — namely, Cloved Oranges. The premise is pretty simple: get some oranges and stick some cloves in ’em. Why? Well, they smell great and they look awesome. They’re also completely biodegradable and very inexpensive! You can make all sorts of designs and patterns, and they can be made to sit on a plate or be hung in the air by a string or ribbon. We like to keep a few of these bad boys around the house during the holiday months just to add a cool scent to our place.

The supplies needed to make Cloved Orange are: Oranges, Cloves, Pencil or Marker, and Rope or Ribbon if you want to hang them up. Where does this idea of Cloved Oranges come from? Well, we came up with this arts and crafts project from the Hungarian side of the family. In Hungary, Cloved Oranges are a traditional holiday decoration made by many. Black Paw Photo wished you a happy holiday and a happy new year as well!