Entry for the 2010 Amazon Kindle Commercial Contest

This was our entry for Amazon.com’s 2010 Your Kindle commercial contest. We were not one of the three winners, but we had a lot of fun making this short video clip. We learned quite a bit about working with child actors and enjoyed the entire process. See the outtakes video below for some of the comedy that happened on the day we filmed!

We were written up for this video in a short article here: Mediabistro.com

Outtakes from our Amazon Kindle commercial shoot with a very energetic young man. He was motivated at the beginning and great about everything until we started asking him to do second and third takes. That’s where things became more difficult…we got it done though, and afterward our young actor was happy with the results. Luckily we recorded the voice over before doing the camera work, because he was tired by the end of it all.